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August, 2017 The heat is on. Don't sweat it; lay on the beach with your Kindle. Just released an anthology of short stories called Midnight in the Graveyard. If you like mysteries in fantasy vein, you should like Raven Lenore, a private investigator and a paranormal investigator. Recently published is another Charles Winterbottom book, The Ring of Power and My Name is Michael, the fiery story of a drug addict. Although this is fiction it is based on the true life of a drug addict. Also, you'll find plenty of fun in my Retslu series. If you like fairy folk and more, buy my package of five novels at here If you prefer short stories, buy Kickass Women .

My other new releases are Interesting Times Finalist in the EPIC 2015 eBook Awards and the seventh book in the Raven Lenore series, The Case of the Gypsy Curse. For more information, check the novel descriptions below.

The first three books of the Morgaine Chronicles, a tale of witchcraft and sorcery, are available as a boxed set at just $5.99. For a dollar more than the price of one book, you get three. Here is the link: Morgaine Boxed Set. The latest book in the Morgaine series is Morgaine and the Sorcerers' Guild.

My humorous fantasy series, The Books of Retslu, are now available in print format. The first novel is called White Queen, Black Knight.

Joe Vadalma, proud member of EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition.

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Michele was a complex person. For the most part people liked her. She was kind and friendly to everyone she met. On the other hand, she could be a terror to those she felt had offended or crossed her. She burned many bridges and could be careless about those she professed to love. She was intelligent and intuitive but wasted her many talents because of her addictions. But discover her for yourself through the words in this biography. Hers is a cautionary tale of how someone who could have been a great person was brought down by wrong choices. Excerpt Purchase.

Interesting Times is the true story of my family and myself from the time that my grandparents came to these shores until very recent times and how the great events of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries affected our lives. Now available in printed form. Excerpt Purchase.

The Morgaine Chronicles

Morgaine and Michael. Michael Ellul was born in the tenth century A.D. At the turn of the second millennium, as a knight he is stricken with fear and runs away from his first battle to become an outlaw. His overwhelming desire to become immortal leads him to a sorcerer who for a payment of ten years of service grants him a thousand years of life. Throughout the centuries, he tries to discover the secret behind his longevity. In modern times, he struggles with a demon while two beautiful women battle for his love. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Melody. Melody Trent, an attractive modern woman, dreams of dancing nude in the woods. In her quest to discover the meaning of this strange vision, she falls under the spell of a mysterious astrologer and psychic, Michael Ellul. Her involvement with this enigmatic man leads her into a universe populated with eccentrics whose strange paranormal beliefs and customs include pagan ceremonies and erotic acts. Melody begins to suspect that is that Michael is not simply a rich and famous student of the occult, but is a thousand-year old sorcerer who has sold his soul to the devil. Michael's terrifying secrets are slowly revealed to her as she is enticed into his eerie and magical world by his uncanny ability to dominate her with his eyes. Soon she questions whether he truly loves her or with the aid of the flamboyant, sexy Morgaine Fabiano, a self-proclaimed witch, has lured her into his world to sacrifice her to an evil demon in an attempt to gain immortality. A fate that would make her the slave of the demon until the end of time. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Raven. When Michael Ellul mysteriously disappears, Melody hires Raven Lenore, a tough young former cop, PI and modern witch, to find him. But, what starts out as an ordinary missing persons case soon turns out to be a dangerous game against mysterious demonic forces. During the investigation, Raven and Keith Borgenson (Raven's boy friend and partner) discover that two people committed suicide on the Ellul's estate, Michael Ellul's friend Lance Flebert is in an insane asylum and another friend, Jack Westcott is an alcoholic on the skids. The detectives run into more trouble when Morgaine returns to earth as Claudia Van Best from the Westchester Institute of the Occult, and the detectives are accosted by gunmen who question them about Westcott and Claudia. During a seance a channeled spirit warns of danger from an elemental. In Ellul's abandoned estate in the mountains, Raven finds a decomposed corpse and a computer printout that claims that Doctor Frankenstein was a real person. Claudia locks the detectives in Michael's laboratory, erases the file on the hard disk and absconds with the information. Then the real fun starts. This is a novel of mystery and suspense in the world of the occult. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Gretchen. Denise Fabiano, a five-year-old girl, lives with her mother and her grandfather, Papa Joe, in an ancient farmhouse in the Catskill mountains. Papa Joe is a storyteller who amuses Denise with fabulous tales of fairies, gremlins, sorcerers and pirates. One stormy night Papa Joe tells her the story of Rip Van Winkle. At the end, he says, "When there's thunder and lightning in the mountains with no rain, that means that Henry Hudson and his men are bowling. Fairies and other odd folk also live in these woods. When you see tiny lights blinking on and off in the forest, those are fairies carrying lanterns." One day little Denise goes in the woods alone and meets the little people. They give her a charm to remember them by. As time goes by, Denise comes to believe that all that stuff about meeting fairies and dwarves was simply her childish imagination. In college, she befriends Raven Lenore and join a Wiccan coven when she becomes interested in witchcraft and magic. She takes the name of Morgaine, after the sorceress of the Arthurian legend, Morgaine le Fay. When she learns that Papa Joe has Alzheimer's, she returns to her former home and learns that what she had attributed to her childish imagination was real. She meets a dwarf who takes her into the land of the fairies, whose queen promises to make her a sorceress. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Asmodeus. The entrance to the University of Wizardry is in a painting at an art gallery. She enters the painting and learns magic from the spirits of such notables as Dr. Dee, Michael Scot, Theophilus, Peter of Abano, Nicholas Flannel, Robert Fludd, Count de Gebelin, Papus, Roger Bacon, Faust, Albertus Magnus, Edward Kelley, Parcelsus, Nostradamus, Cagliostro and Aleister Crowley. She learns numerous types of magic, both white and black. At the school, she falls in love with a sorcerer, Michael. But they must part when she returns to the real world. Will they ever meet again? And what consequences would result from of such a meeting, tragedy or happiness? Find out in this novel of love and sorcery. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Armageddon. One evening Michael has a strange dream in which a man in a black suit hands him a pamphlet concerning the End of Days. When he awakes, the pamphlet, which is from a cult known as the Children of Aquarius, lays on the table next to his chair. He begins to suspect that his wife, Melody, is possessed. To find out the truth, he uses his magic crystal to learn that Morgaine has possessed Melody. He also has a vision of the End of Days with Morgaine as the Antichrist. Michael hires Raven to spy on the Children of Aquarius. She becomes a priestess and learns of a mysterious book called the Book of Seven seals. As each seal is opened, she receives a vision of a future apocalypse, of horrible monsters taking over the earth, of cataclysmic events and of death and disease. Are these true visions? Is the world really coming to the end? Can Melody be saved from the demon witch who possesses her? How can Michael and Raven save the world? And what is the demon witch, Morgaine's, real plan? This novel is loosely based on events described in the Book of Revelations of the Christian Bible. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Moonwood. Tom Bongiglio is a hard working twenty-five year old building contractor, who has been living with his fianc, Bridget Ryan, for two years in Queens, New York. Bridget is twenty-four, Irish Catholic and devoted to her religion. She believes in astrology and the paranormal and works for Tom. Because Tom's construction business is not doing well, the couple jump at the chance to renovate Michael and Melody's old mansion, Moonwood. After they move into the mansion Tom has a dream about a witch named Morgaine. Because of the dream Bridget visits a fortune teller, who warns her of danger. They arrive at Moonwood the week before Halloween. Before work can start Melody and Michael host a Halloween party. On Halloween night, after midnight Bridget hears strange goings on outside the house. She wakes Tom and they gaze out the window to see their host and the other guests dancing naked in the moonlight. Michael explains that they are Wiccans and that is how they celebrate Halloween. The Elluls and their guests leave Moonwood. Things go downhill from there as the young couple encounter the demon witch Morgaine, murdered corpses, ghosts, the Frankenstein monster, a vampire, various demons and a horrible creature called a homunculus. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and Nicholas. Nicholas, a child with strange powers is born to the Bongiglios. As an adult, Nicholas has a plan to rule the world. At the same time Michael is a prisoner of Morgaine. Can Michael's friends rescue him and stop another Armageddon from happening? A female drifter by the name of Mandy Blake stumbles upon Moonwood, which has been abandoned by Melody. She meets Victor Legion, Sylvan Macrome, Isaac the robot, and various ghosts and demons that haunt the old place. She also falls victim to the crystal. A ghost warns Mandy about her coming meeting with Nicholas. At the Freedom Party national convention, Nicholas Bongiglio, son of Tom and Bridget, is nominated as their candidate for president of the United States. He is supported by the Children of Aquarius cult. Morgaine appears to Nicholas and tells him that to win the presidency, he must visit Moonwood. There he falls in love with Mandy and hires Victor Legion. Nicholas is elected president and creates artificial men to conquer the earth. Morgaine has made Michael her slave. Raven, Westcott, Flebert, Deju and Longfeathers meet to discuss how to save Michael from Morgaine's clutches. Each pursues the effort in his or her own way. All except Raven become lost in the Catacombs of Death and imprisoned by demons. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and the Necromancer. Morgaine has a chance to finally become the beloved mate of Michael, the man she has loved through centuries, only to be separated by demons, scheming witches, and his love for another woman. First she must take the form of a cat, then help a young occultist, Craig, acquire the Necronomicon, while protecting him from the blood lust of the vampiress who has it. Then she must deal with an otherworldly monster with a thirst for human souls, while resurrecting a woman long-dead. And if she can jump through several more difficult magical hoops, Morgaine may at long last get her wish to finally be united with Michael and gain his love. From Povidence, Rhode Island to the occult estate of Moonwood to Tunguska, Siberia to the blazing pits of Hell - here is the most thrilling book yet in a series that has become a modern classic. Excerpt Purchase

Morgaine and the Sorcerers Guild. Asmodeus' war with Lillith for the fate of the Earth heats up. Asmodeus is the favorite and is already planning how he will destroy the world and all of humanity with it. But Morgaine has discovered a prophecy: "If human beings can sove ten ancient mysteries the Earth will be saved. If they fail, Asmodeus will prevail." The only ones with the power to unravel these age-old puzzles are herself, Michael, and the other members of The Alchemists and Sorcerers' Guild. Asmodeus has a plan to prevent them from succeeding and assigns his ten most powerful demonic servants to keeping each of the mysteries secret. But Morgaine has conceived the most daring plot ever. She will steal Asmodeus power. But if he regains it. She will be blasted out of existence in this universe and all others. Excerpt Purchase .

Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator

The Case of the Spirit in the Bottle. Raven Lenore is both a psychic and a private investigator. An old friend and FBI agent calls on her to help him solve a murder that involves the occult. When the murderer is shot and killed, the case seems to be over. The murder was committed in order to steal an antique bottle which Raven learns contains an evil presence that exerts control over her. It causes her and her boy friend, a stage illusionist, to travel to Maine to a mysterious mansion called Riverlook. The evil forces within Riverlook conspire to cause Raven to travel through a time door to the eighteenth century, where she encounters an evil sorcerer and his mad wife. The sorcerer is so powerful that there seems to be no way for to escape his control over her and return to the twenty-first century. Excerpt Purchase

The Case of the Missing Corpse. Raven has been plagued by nightmares ever since Peter Magbertius died. She dreams that she meets him in a dark forest where he implores her to bring him back from the dead. After she wakes up, she asks her familiar, Mephistopheles, how she can rid herself of his presence. The cat's only reply is that "The answer will come soon." Mordecai Wilsey, a mortician, wants her to find a corpse that has been stolen from his mortuary. He has buried an empty coffin and does not want his duplicity or the theft to be known. Nonetheless, he wants the thief or thieves caught. Raven interviews the dead man's relatives with no result. However, when she calls upon the missing corpse's best friend, Peter Morgan, he talks about a vampire named Celia and that he saw the dead man alive and walking about. When Raven sets up a surveillance of the mortuary, she catches Celia VanGrimm drinking blood drained from a corpse. Celia swears that she had nothing to do with stealing the corpse, but that Peter Morgan is one of her blood donors. She tells Raven that she can be contacted at Graceland Cemetery. This is when her real nightmare begins as she encounters walking corpses, her doppleganger, The Beast and her arch nemesis, Peter Magbertius Excerpt Purchase

The Case of the House Who Ate People. The president of the United States is replaced by a robot, and his chief advisor is the resurrected dead Nicholas Machiavelli. Raven Lenore must find out who is behind the attempt to take over the United States government and initiate a conquest of the world. The trail leads to a strange mansion in Maine which seems to have rooms that are in other dimensions. In the cellar, she find a laboratory and machine shop where humanoid robots are being constructed and a talking robot head. Soon Raven, the robot head and her two partners, The Beast Henry Bagyar and Annie B, a woman she met in prison, are trapped in other worlds. She discovers that her nemesis, Magbertius is behind the entire plot. But the knowledge does her no good as she becomes trapped in the eighteenth century. Excerpt Purchase

The Case of the Ghost Out of Time. Raven is alone in her apartment reading. Mephistopheles, her cat, is lying across her lap. Suddenly the cat jumps up and hisses. It stares into a dark corner of the room. Raven trembles. She fears that it is Celia VanGrimm, the vampire who takes blood from her on an irregular basis. But she does not feel the usual calling that the vampire gives her. She tries to peer into the darkness and realizes that it is her guardian demon, Morgaine. Morgaine tells her that her master has a mission for Raven and takes her by the hand and leads her to Morgaine's world. It is pitch black, and they are surrounded by the sounds of people crying out in pain, screaming and moaning. And that's just the beginning! Excerpt Purchase

The Case of Morgaine the Demon Witch. Raven Lenore must use all her wit and street smarts to defeat the powerful, treacherous demon-witch Morgaine. Many of the characters from both series are present, such as Henry Bagyar the beast, Annie B., Michael Ellul the thousand-year-old sorcerer, Lara Borinski (Michael's second wife), Mephistopheles the magic cat, Peter Magbertius (Raven's nemesis), Lenore Raven (Raven's doppleganger), demons, ghosts, vampires and angels, and many others as well as new characters, in heady brew of evil against good, and evil against evil, as demonic cults vie for power. Only Raven can save the world from the horrors from the abyss. Excerpt Purchase

The Case of the Missing Scientist. An android that wants a mate, a missing android scientist, a woman mysteriously appearing naked on a downtown street, a monastery closed, an elixir of youth. What is the connection among them? This is the mystery that Raven must unravelwhile investigating the scientist's disappearance. It is a case that must be solved to avoid an apocalyptic war that could destroy mankind. Many pitfalls and dangers are Raven's fate as she navigates a labyrinthine catacomb, travels to the future and endangers her personal happiness with a new love. Excerpt Purchase

The Case of the Gypsy Curse. Raven is hired to help lift a curse, she begins a quest for a lost grimoire that will take her through deadly peril in the Carpathians, in Chicago, in India and to the very roof of the world, the legend haunted Himalayas. Raven must reckon with witchcraft, demons, black magic, and at the end betrayal from the the most unexpected source. Excerpt Purchase

Science Fiction

The Bagod. Reawakened in the Far Future. When Joe Hermann, a twenty-first century man, has his body frozen in hopes that in the near future a cure for his cancer will be found, what he thinks will be a short sleep turns into a 3000 year snooze. The new world he wakes into is very different from the one he knew. Mostly wilderness and underpopulated, it is also a world of women only. Men are only a legend and considered devils. At first he thinks he is in a dream come true--the only man in a world of women. But, soon Joe realizes he is a freak, most women are repulsed by the thought of sex with him and consider it a perverted form of beastality. They call him a "bagod," their word for devil. When Joe learns human males are still alive, but not on Earth, he determines to escape and join them. Before him stretches an epic odyssey, one that will take him into slavery, to a satellite of pleasure orbiting Saturn, to the dangerous zone known as the Kuiper Belt, to adventure, peril, strange cultures, and finally to self-discovery. When he realizes he has fallen in love with his mistresses, he discovers that a way he can to return to Earth and their companionship forever. If the bagod is willing to pay the price! EXCERPT PURCHASE

Star Tower is the story of the first manned ship to the stars, why it came into being and what happens to it on this vast journey. John Huck, a bitter veteran of a space war is convicted of disobeying orders, which he did to save his ship and crew. Upon returning to the earth, he discovers that his parents had been killed by Earth's repressive government. Seeking revenge, he joins the underground, is betrayed, arrested and sentenced to die. While he awaits his fate, he is offered a pardon if he will commit himself to a space voyage -- destination unknown. Too late he learns that he has been shanghaied onto a one-way trip to a planet circling another star. But that is just the beginning of Huck's story. The starship captain is an insane meglomaniac, and the star ship has many problems. The density of matter outside the ship has increased, and the navigation computer malfunctions. The ex-prisoners, now designated colonists, are treated as slaves and organize a secret rebellion. The rest of the story tells how John Huck saves the ship from total disaster, but at what price? EXCERPT PURCHASE

Pawns of Tomorrow. Humans Against Feline Aliens in a Galactic War to the Death! Humanity has met its match in the Stygians, carnivores that evolved from feline ancestors, whose society reflects their cat-like ways. Chief among the Stygian warlords is Growlrr, who declares war on the human race as the first step in his plan to rule the entire galaxy. The key to humanity's future is a ragtag group of people, sublimely unaware of their importance, each a pawn of tomorrow, whose actions will determine the outcome of the conflict: the frustrated Prince Ron Bo Kan on a diplomatic mission doomed to failure; Brad Billiard, an intelligent agent whose vices subvert his mission; Lady Slink, Growlrr's mistress, who has psychic powers allow her to send her aura anywhere in the galaxy; Princess Shady Lai, who plots Emperor Mikado, Bulga Khan, High King of the Perseus Cluster, a pompous power mad dictator; Lucia Malachi, seductive android super spy; Mr. White, android master of disguise; and the mysterious android Aristotle. A galactic war fought overtly with vast fleets of star ships, killer nanobots, and world destroying weapons and covertly with espionage, counterespionage and traitorous plots. Pawns of Tomorrow is more than a story, it's also a genuine chess game in the form of a science fiction story. Readers can follow the moves of the game through a summary at the start of each chapter and appendices at the end of the book. EXCERPT PURCHASE

Knights of Tomorrow. Ten years after the Galactic Chess War. an uneasy peace exists between the Stygians and Olympians. There is trade, but also rivalry. The Stygian warlords are uneasy about the peace, since their honor has been besmirched by their defeat. Emperor Makido is extremely paranoid and trusts no one except his personal security agent, George. His paranoia is justified. There are many plots against him. The manipulative, scheming Empress Lydia whose powers border on sorcery, manipulates Makido into another war with the Stygians and is having a secret love affair with his son, Prince Ron Bo Kan, a hamlet-like character who schemes with the AIs to replace Makido with an AI. Even more sinister forces are at work; the super AI, Aristotle, has decided that it is only logical for the AIs take control of the galaxy, especially when he discovers the existence of the starbuster, which has the potential to destroy the galaxy. He cooks up a plan to replace the flesh rulers with AI. All this leads to galactic war, revolt, convoluted assassination plots, and espionage. Who will save the galactic civilization from falling into chaos? EXCERPT PURCHASE

For Love of Kumiko. Here's what William Samples had to say about For Love of Kumiko: "Interesting book about a machine who's artificial intelligence leads it into emotional reactions. The 'Godwin model' was a bit of a disappointment, and its reactions seemed to center on its 'sex-system' programming. I missed the passing of the human Godwin that actually loved Kumiko ... I think there was some osmosis between the human and the android Kumiko.The 'trial' was part of the 'things to come' ... machines are slowly but surely catching up with the human learning curve, but it will take much judgment to keep up with humans or even other primates.Nevertheless a good read ... I enjoyed it!" EXCERPT PURCHASE

The Isaac Project. Perhaps you've read science-fiction or seen movies such as The Terminator featuring human-like robots. Is the creation of such a creature possible with today's technology? What if a high tech corporation decided to build one? Could it? What would the impact be on our society? What would be the philosophical and political issues associated with the creation of a mechanical intelligence in the form of a human being? The Isaac Project tries to answer these questions. It is the story of the creation of a humanoid robot using artificial intelligence technology available today. It handles the research and development aspect of such a project in a realistic manner with believable characters. The major characters are: GERI CHRANOWSKI, a strong-willed robotics expert and ambitious woman whose drive to climb the corporate ladder makes enemies of her underlings and ruins her love life. JACK WESTCOTT, a scientist, whose passionate pacifism and his fight to keep his young mistress endanger the project. FREDERICK WOLFGANG, a petty tyrant and bigot whose software expertise is essential to the project completion, causes a major disaster because of his egoism and prejudices. EXCERPT PURCHASE

Out of Time. Hard-boiled private eye, Tony Vink considers himself the toughest of the tough. But his experiences with the underworld and the seamy side of life have hardly prepared him for what happens when he takes on a seemingly routine missing person's case. What he doesn't count on is falling in love in with his employer, the curvaceous Paula, and - Time Travel. Soon the two are involved in a trans-temporal odyssey that leads through passionate lovemaking and dangerous encounters to a denouement neither could ever have guessed! EXCERPT PURCHASE

Takeover. The Spakerusms have taken over Earth and rule it through their android slaves. They believe that their rule is benevolent and only wish is to prepare mankind to join a galactic union of sapient races. The rest of the story relates how three men fair under this "benevolent" rule. The first is Professor Courley, history professor, who is somewhat eccentric and a bit of a recluse. One day he is ordered to report to the Anomalies Department of the Bureau of Social Engineering and is told that he must become more social. George Majoraski joins a group of insurgents to fight against the Spakerusm's rule. During the day he appears to be an ordinary citizen. At night he and his terrorist group sabotage and destroy, sometimes having to murder human beings as well as the android lackeys of the aliens. Jacob Martarono is an agitator who convinces androids that by doing its job at the factory it is causing human beings to be harmed. After Martarono is thrown into a cell, he is rescued by the android. The android has convinced its fellow androids that the Spakerusms are doing harm not good. But what can one android and three misfits hope do to tilt the balance against all-powerful aliens? EXCERPT PURCHASE

The Artifact. Romance, Alien Space Staions, White Holes, Interstellar Smugglers - and More - Highlight this Enthralling Short Novel. Sally and Rog are sometime lovers, but to the universe at large they are just "space bums," who ply the galaxy starways dealing in stolen antiquities, looting derelicts, and smuggling illegal goods. Though they remain friends and partners, the truth is that Rog is still in love with Sally, but Sally only loves her starship, Sally's Fantasy. But things begin to change when they hear of a mysterious white hole that ends near a mysterious alien object. At the other end, Sally and Rog find themselves thousands of light years outside the galaxy. The only object in view is a space station of unknown design, millions of years old, that may hold untold treasures - or sudden death. What happens there will change their lives and rekindle the passionate love for each other they had long thought could never be ignited again. If they somehow manage to escape with their lives. EXCERPT PURCHASE

Death On Moon Four. One a humanoid robot servant is arrested for the murder of its mistress, Gabrielle Marilonzo. Duke Wilberstone, ace insurance investigator, is assigned the case since Gabrielle's husband, Rick, is bringing a lawsuit against the robot manufacturer insured by Duke's employer. The manufacturing people insist that it is impossible for a humanoid robot to harm a human being. Duke must solve this mystery before his employer loses millions and the entire humanoid industry is placed in jeopardy. EXCERPT PURCHASE

Fantastic Short Story Collections

Fourteen of my favorite short stories. Purchase

A Box on the Seashore. A college boy on spring break finds a mysterious box on the sand whose contents lead him into trouble.

A Mind Odyssey A man is subjected to a new method of psychiatric therapy. Cure or deeper into insanity?

The Sands of Time A sorcerer's apprentice accidentally breaks an hourglass which causes havoc with time.

Immortal Homecoming An immortal creature returns to his native Earth to witness its end.

Psychic Pop-Up A new advertising method proves extremely effective.

The Adventures of Prince Woden and Knight Noise A prince and a knight set out to kill dragons and meet a pair of beautiful witches.

Count Poperazi In a battle, the count lops off a sorcerer's head. Taking it as a souvenir was the biggest mistake of his life.

Mordrake's Apprentice A sorcerer takes on an apprentice who turns out to be thief.

Shadow in the Sky When a young lady is stalked by a dragon, she hires a dragonslayer.

Paddy's New Girl Friend Paddy meets a gorgeous woman in a bar who turns out not to be human.

Kumiko A man meets an interesting woman at a high-tech conference, but she is not what he thinks. aveyard

In Hearts Among the Stars. love figures prominently. Here are fifteen fantasy and science fiction stories in which love and romance are major factors in the outcome. They are stories of love encounters with demons, robots, monsters and witches, as well as romantic adventures in time, haunted houses and fantasy lands. Hope you enjoy them. Purchase

Kumiko - The love of his life came with an instruction manual.

Paddy's New Girl Friend - There was something strange about the girl Paddy picked up in a bar. For one thing, she had horns and a tail.

Rose Petal and the Hunter - The bittersweet tale of a fairy who falls in love with a human.

Abandoned Mansion - There was something strange and evil about the house that the drifter decided to spend the night in.

Alvida - A princess runs away from the man she is bethrod to and starts a new career.

Magic Crystal - Craig was in the black arts and a fan of H. P. Lovecraft. He makes a startling discovery in his hero's coffin.

Shadow in the Sky - What do you when you're being stalked by a dragon? Hire a dragon killer, of course.

Strange Artifact - Perhaps it was foolhardy to fool with the controls of an ancient alien space station.

Visit to the Twenty-First Century - A man from the future visits our primitive times.

Box on the Seashore - Spring break. A time for a man to sow wild oats, especially when he has the help of magic implements.

The Sands of Time: Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Collection previously published in such eZines as Dark Moon Rising, SFF World, Aphelion, Sword's Edge, and Planet. Purchase.

The Sands of Time - The sorcerer's apprentice drops a magical hourglass with strange results.

Absolute Creation - An astronomer of the far future discovers the great crunch.

Androids in Pax - Android revolt agains the tyranny of humans.

Anomaly - The professor was eccentric, which was not allowed in his society.

Apartment 55205 - Everything was automated in the apartment, but one day it started to ask for help.

The Archeologist and the Physicist - An archeologist goes back in time. Has he created a paradox by his precense there.

The Search for Paradise - The garden of Eden is found by a group of explorers.

City Behind the Door - The door led to a futuristic city ... and other places.

Conspiracy in Time - A revolutionary travels back in time in order to overthrow a repressive regime.

Empty Planet - The planet seemed unoccupied, but was it really?

Mind Odyssey - The therpist's new technique led to a place like no other.

Psychic Pop-Up - Advertising brought to the ultimate, broadcast directly to your brain.

Immortal Homecoming - He had lived a thousand years and now his homeworld was in big trouble.

Available from Amazon.com. For more information, go to Forbidden Speculations.

Dark Fantasy

The Laws of Magic. Doctor Albert Keptopolis, physicist and student of the occult, sets out to devise a theory of paranormal phenomena. One day, he comes home bearing an arcane book and mysteriously disappears. Lillith, his young mistress, calls the police. Martin Kopinski, a hard-boiled detective, is assigned the case and must cope with the occult, demons and ancient gods. In addition, he falls in love with Lillith, a friend commits suicide by tearing his own heart out, he meets a witch who can turn herself into a telepathic cat and encounters a horrible dragon-like creature. The trail leads him and Lillith into strange other worlds of the elder gods, where danger lurks everywhere. Excerpt Purchase

Castle Darkest Night is a dark fantasy in the Gothic tradition. It concerns a Medieval castle, a woman on the edge of madness, the paranormal, obsessed scientists, mysterious events, murder, a torrid love affair and an unholy experiment. Amy is led from horror after horror which sinks her into a quagmire of death, madness and sin. And what of the young Ray Smart? Will he save Amy from the horrors that haunts her? Or will he tempt her into a forbidden love affair? Excerpt Purchase

The Traveling Vampire and the Farmer's Daughter. Sally was a farmer's daughter, dissatisfied with her life until she meets the mysterious Karl, an extremely attractive man, kind and loving, with an air of mystery about him. Why did she only see him after dark? What were his visits to the local undertaker about? Why did he live in an abandoned mansion? And what was his connection to the wolf that had been hanging around the farm? Although she had fallen in love with him, the answers struck terror into her heart. Worse things were to come. A terrible family secret is revealed to Sally, and an evil man was out to destroy her one true love. Excerpt Purchase

The Traveling Vampire and Twilight in the Catacombs Karl and Sally must travel from Chicago to Seattle to Paris, visiting haunted mansions, vampire-ridden castles, ghastly catacombs, to save himself, his farmer's daughter love, from vampire hunters and demonic enemies. As he lies helpless in a coffin, he relives the terrors and memories of his past life - and the evil he has committed. Will Karl and Sally survive to consummate their relationship some day. Excerpt Purchase

The Countess at Day's Break.In this third novel of the Traveling Vampire series, the vampires old love returns as a rival vampire and causes much trouble and turmoil. Contents Purchase

Dinner With Dracula. The adventures of Charles Winterbottom, archeologist of the Indiana Jones sort, buffoon and a unrepentant womanizer. As Captain Sally, the spaceship commander of the Mars expedition, says, Another fine mess youve gotten us into, Charlie. After a lot of hanky-panky aboard the spaceship, they explore the Cydonia area of Mars, are trapped in an underground catacomb, arrested by seven foot, green skinned Martian priests, sentenced to be sacrificed to the demon god Azathoth and have misadventures with Cthulhu, the Yeti Queen, the Dark Gods of Lemuria, And Other Terrifying Creatures of the Night including dinner with the Lord of the Undead. Excerpt Purchase

The Eye on the Pyramid. Charlie Winterbottom is in a bad way. He is broke, has lost the last of his money and his lucky floppy hat in a poker game, and his girl friend, Honey Bunn, has left him for his archeologist rival, Heinrich Schmidt. In addition, his friend, the physicist, Aaron Gamostein has vanished. In an attempt to recoup, he goes on a hunt for the Eye on the Pyramid with Gamostein's lovely assistant, Isabella Juliet, the brainy Boris Ambitchov, and the evil Doctor Sivana. The hunt leads them to a museum, a graveyard, and encounters with the evil secret society, The Darkinati, and the wicked witch, Haleem. The hunt continues to India, the Land of Oz, the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis and Frankenstein's Castle. Has Charlie's bungling caused Gamostein to become unstuck in time? Will Isabella allow him to get to second base? What is the importance of the Eye on the Pyramid? More danger and laughs with the foolish, yet courageous, archeologist. Excerpt. Purchase.

The Sleeper. When Linneus took the key from his pocket and examined it, it seemed to be a plain, ordinary, old-fashioned iron key, somewhat ornate, but still only a key. Yet, something about it intrigued him to no end. What door or chest did it unlock? Does it have something to do with the ancient ruin of a castle he'd struggled so hard to reach? What drew him to the castle against the advice of his uncle? There was the inscription on the antique box and the psychic's prediction. Mysteries upon mysteries. Fate has led him to this formidable and daunting castle, with its fearsome towers and cold stone blocks. Soon he would find out its secret. Excerpt Purchase

Historical Fantasy

Kamma's Vision . During the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian, a priestess of Diana falls in love with a barbarian warrior. When he falls in battle, she bargains with a witch to bring him back to life and cast a spell on him to fall in love with her. After bring him back to live, the priestess aids him in getting a post in the Roman army. He distinguishes himself so well that he is promoted to the Praetorian Guards. There he meet the Christian daughter of a Bishop and falls in love with her. Their love is bound for tragedy. He is married to jealous witch who will do anything to keep him for herself. The Christian woman is sworn to celibacy. And Diocletion declares an edict of persecution. The barbarian is sent to arrest his love and her family. He advises her to cast incense upon the altar, but she is true believer and refuses. Excerpt Purchase

The Swordmaker. Gunther the Weapon Maker's Son was born in the fishing and trading village of Njordusk in Fjords of Norway to Jorn the Weapon Maker and his wife, Hilgred in the year 967 A. D. The village of Njordusks two main industries are fishing and trade. The the culture and religion exalts bloodlust and war in a warriors code. Those who die in battle with honor are swept to Valhalla by lusty Valkyries. Others go to the underworld known as Hel. At the age of fifteen, Gunther is taller and stronger than many of the robust Viking warriors and traders that pass through his shop ordering weapons. Besides his strength, he is extremely adept in swordsmanship, which he practices every chance he gets with a sword heavy and long. Most men could barely lift it, much less wield it. At this age he has yearnings for adventure and envies the Viking warriors and traders who come into his fathers shop telling their tales of their exploits. Gunther befriends Eric the Red, wild, a heavy drinker, a charming womanizer, has an ugly temper when thwarted, quick to draw his weapon. In other words, just the sort of person that a restless teenager of the times would admire. Because Gunther is enthralled by Eric's stories he runs away to Eric in his pursuit as a Viking raider. As one of Eric's viking crew, he is treated to adventure after adventure in Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and a place Eric calls Vineland. Excerpt Purchase

The Books of Retslu

White Queen, Black Knight is a humorous fantasy, in the vein of Pier Anthony's Xanth series or Terry Pratchett's Discworld, about Dorian, a waiter at a village inn in the magical land of Retslu, who sets off to win the hand of the king's lovely daughter by becoming the victor in a tournament in which there are thousands of men with the same goal. To make the challenge more daunting, his chief rival, Mordrake, a powerful sorcerer, places a spell on Dorian which causes him to always go in a direction away from his desired destination. Only Dorian's pluck and a mysterious dragon pendant give him any chance at achieving his seemingly impossible goal. Excerpt Purchase

The Search for Prince Black Knight is a rollicking fantasy about the search for the missing Prince Black Knight, husband of the beautiful but shrewish Princess Jennifer of Retslu. It includes ghosts, demons, dragons, witches, sorcerers, a fabulous and wild birthday ball, war, revolution, high adventure, magic and time travel. The story begins where most fairy tales end, after the handsome prince marries the beautiful princess. On a dark and stormy night within Castle Klinton, a quarrel brews between the royal couple. Prince Knight Black regrets his marriage to the shrewish Princess Jennifer, who in her final months of pregnancy has become impossible to live with. After Knight Black stalks from her room and disappears, Prince Black Pawn is born, a ghost predicts disaster for the kingdom and a witch places a curse on the baby. When King Woden hires a sorcerer to help with these problems, Hokum, a prestidigitator and juggler gets the job. A magical amulet is lost, and a denizen of hell predicts calamities for the kingdom. To solve these problems, King Woden sends his best men on quests: General Eric to find and assassinate the missing Prince Knight Black; Minister Dorian, Tiger Lily and the boisterous braggart, Lord Noise, to retrieve the lost talisman; Duke Wisdom and Bishop Faith to defeat the demoness who caused all the mischief; Hokum, the humbug sorcerer, to consult a prophetic book; and Screege, the miserly treasury secretary, to search for the king's missing foster children. Excerpt Purchase

Once in a Blue Moon. On Friday the thirteenth in the dead of winter, somewhere in Vamipirevania Pim, a beautiful woman, chains up her werewolf lover in anticipation of the full moon. When the orb rises blue and later turns to blood, her lover disappears. In addition, the castle of her vampire friend, Count Gorblud, is burned to the ground. She consults a gypsy fortune teller and is told to locate her long-lost sibling whom she will know by a dragon-shaped birthmark. She journeys to the Kingdom of Retslu to ask the sorcerer, Mordrake, to use his magical crystal, but becomes lost in his labyrinthine castle. So starts a tale that takes place in Retslu, a fantasy land in the tradition of Oz or Xanth, with humor, satire, love and adventure. Some of the many quirky characters include: Pim, the lovely gypsy girl in love with a beast; Mordrake, the sorcerer who wants King Skeemer to stop bugging him about the ultimate magical weapon; Doctor Nemesis, the evil scientist who turns the moon blue and forgets to change it back; the youthful King Black Pawn who worries that his mother will make him marry a haughty noblewoman; the sinister Gnorduc who wipes the mind of the king's father returned from exile; Hokum, an illusionist pretending to be a real sorcerer; Lord Noise and Clank, a bumbling dragon-fighter and his metal assistant; and many more. In addition, there is a castle whose labyrinth passages trap anyone who enters it, an enormous crystal ball that broadcasts the news of the future, a war fought with wooden soldiers, a magical painting that transports people to the lair of the ferocious red dragon, and other monsters, magic and mayhem. Excerpt Purchase

The Curse of Chaos. Chaos is the most enigmatic, mysterious and powerful of all the gods and goddesses. Only she can turn what is to what is not, make nothing of something and with the help of her servant Time, destroy all that is or ever will be. Thus, the heart trembles and the knees quake when this powerful and capricious goddess interferes directly in the affairs of humankind. Pity, therefore, the citizens of Retslu, a tiny kingdom ruled by an honest, just and liberal monarch, King Knight Black, whose only faults were muddle-headness, not an unusual trait in rulers of this land, and a tendency toward extravagance. During his reign, the once proud and prosperous Retslu had become destitute. Several years of drought, wars with neighboring Neerg, poaching by the dreaded beast-things in the south and the reign of several incompetent and extravagant kings had left the kingdom impoverished. Near King Black's castle squatted an ancient venerable and hoary church. Presiding over this church is Bishop Faith, whose ambition is to replace the church with a tremendous cathedral. When two marriages are to be performed, the king throws a lavish masquerade ball, and the goddess Chaos appears, awarding Bishop Faith the prize for the best costume. When others ridicule her choice, Chaos curses the kingdom. The very next day, the royal treasurer, Screege, discovers that not enough gold is left in the treasure room to pay the king's bills. Thus begins a hilarious serious of misadventures in the tradition of Diskworld and Xanth. In it you will meet Captain Blite, a pirate with an unusual buried treasure, the hapless knight, Lord Noise, who must hock the Royal Crown if he can survive the monsters that litter his path, the king of Atlantis and his troll, Turkle, Ping Pong, a monstrous gorilla, the witch, Wortisha, plus Lord Noise's slutty daughter, Hunkerina, Pancho Beastman, and many other crazy and irresistible characters. Excerpt Purchase

Mordrake's Apprentice. You are about to journey into a magical world known as Cigam, or if you like to spell things backwards as they do in the Looking-Glass World, Magic. It is flat as a pancake, some say; others think it is as round as a crystal ball. Perhaps if you traveled to its Nowhere Mountain, where you can see the edge of the world, you might be able to tell. There are many strange lands in Cigam. Contents Purchase

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