Historical Fantasy

During the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian, a priestess of Diana falls in love with a barbarian warrior. When he falls in battle, she bargains with a witch to bring him back to life and cast a spell on him to fall in love with her. After bring him back to live, the priestess aids him in getting a post in the Roman army. He distinguishes himself so well that he is promoted to the Praetorian Guards. There he meet the Christian daughter of a Bishop and falls in love with her. Their love is bound for tragedy. He is married to jealous witch who will do anything to keep him for herself. The Christian woman is sworn to celibacy. And Diocletion declares an edict of persecution. The barbarian is sent to arrest his love and her family. He advises her to cast incense upon the altar, but she is true believer and refuses. Excerpt Purchase


Gunther the Weapon Maker's Son was born in the fishing and trading village of Njordusk in Fjords of Norway to Jorn the Weapon Maker and his wife, Hilgred in the year 967 A. D. The village of Njordusk’s two main industries are fishing and trade. The the culture and religion exalts bloodlust and war in a warrior’s code. Those who die in battle with honor are swept to Valhalla by lusty Valkyries. Others go to the underworld known as Hel.


At the age of fifteen, Gunther is taller and stronger than many of the robust Viking warriors and traders that pass through his shop ordering weapons. Besides his strength, he is extremely adept in swordsmanship, which he practices every chance he gets with a sword heavy and long. Most men could barely lift it, much less wield it. At this age he has yearnings for adventure and envies the Viking warriors and traders who come into his father’s shop telling their tales of their exploits.  Gunther befriends Eric the Red, wild, a heavy drinker, a charming womanizer, has an ugly temper when thwarted, quick to draw his weapon. In other words, just the sort of person that a restless teenager of the times would admire. Because Gunther is enthralled by Eric's stories he runs away to  Eric in his pursuit as a Viking raider. As one of Eric's viking crew, he is treated to adventure after adventure in Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and a place Eric calls Vineland. Excerpt Purchase


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