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Raven Lenore always considered herself a tough woman, someone who would never cry about a break-up. During her careers as a cop and then as a private investigator, she had had several lovers, both men and women. Her motto was "leave them laughing when you go." Not once had she felt more than a slight pang of regret at the parting of ways. Nonetheless, here she was sobbing her heart out over losing Michael Ellul to the witch Esmeralda. What was worse, she knew it was not his fault. In his heart of hearts, he was still in love with her, but that evil Esmeralda had bewitched him with sex magick.

It was past midnight, and she still could not fall sleep. Something alighted on her bed, and a voice came into her head. "All is not lost, sweetie."

She knew it was Mephistopheles, the telepathic cat that she had inherited from her guardian demon, Morgaine. She whispered, "It sounds as though you have a suggestion. How can I fight a powerful witch like Esmeralda?"

"By fighting fire with fire. Call on your guardian demon."

"Morgaine? But she's in love with Michael herself."

"So much so that she wants only the best for him. And she knows that he would be happy with you and unhappy with Esmeralda."

Raven nodded. "Of course. I should've thought of that myself. Will you contact Morgaine for me?"

The husky sensual voice of Morgaine came from a dark corner of the room. "I'm already here."

"Oh Morgaine, does Meph speak true? Will you help me get Michael back?"

The beautiful demoness, with her long flowing auburn hair hanging over her naked breasts, stepped forward into the small patch of light from the lamp on the nightstand. She smiled in a warm way. "I will. But it will require that you perform a task for me."

"To get Michael back, I'll do anything you ask."

"Good. First I must tell you that there is a power struggle between my mistress, Lillith, and the archdemon, Asmodeus for the position of second in command of my world."

Raven chuckled. "Politics, always politics."

"This is serious. If Asmodeus wins, it could be the beginning of the end for humanity. He would bring about the apocalypse."

"And what small roll can I play in this battle of titans?"

"There are ten mysteries that must be solved by human beings. If they are unsuccessful, Asmodeus will prevail. If they succeed, Lillith will be the winner and humanity will be saved. Lillith and I decided that some of the best people to solve these quandaries are the members of an organization that you and Michael belong to, The Alchemists and Sorcerers' Guild."

"And what are these great mysteries?"

A scroll appeared in Morgaine's hand. She handed it to Raven. "Present this to The Guild for discussion and tell them how important it is to attempt to solve the puzzles."

"I see. Some may not believe me."

"You'll have to convince them somehow. My time is up. I must leave you for now."

"Is there some sort of time limit required to obtain the answers?" Raven waved the scrolls.

"Time has not much meaning in the place where I now dwell. But I would guess that if the quandaries are not solved by the next conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, bad things will start to happen. You know what to do."

Raven nodded. "I hope. See you later, Morgaine."

"Farewell." She vanished.

Raven turned on her reading lamp and examined the scroll. As she read she kept shaking her head. She muttered, "This impossible. These questions are unanswerable." Nonetheless, she knew she must present the challenges to The Guild and convince the members to try their best to solve the mysteries. She also looked up when the next of conjunction of Venus and Jupiter was to occur. The event was predicted as happening in a few days from that day's date in the following year.

During the few days left before the meeting of the guild, she carefully studied the questions, read everything she could and decided how to present the topics. .


Available on Page Turner Editions and online booksellers, Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator, a series featuring the character Raven Lenore from the Morgaine series.

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