The Morgaine Chronicles

Warning. These are adult books and contain explicit material.

An Occult Fantasy Series

by Joe Vadalma



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Michael Ellul was born in the tenth century A.D. At the turn of the second millennium, as a knight he is stricken with fear and runs away from his first battle to become an outlaw. His overwhelming desire to become immortal leads him to a sorcerer who for a payment of ten years of service grants him a thousand years of life. Throughout the centuries, he tries to discover the secret behind his longevity. In modern times, he struggles with a demon while two beautiful women battle for his love. Excerpt Purchase


Melody Trent, an attractive modern woman, dreams of dancing nude in the woods. In her quest to discover the meaning of this strange vision, she falls under the spell of a mysterious astrologer and psychic, Michael Ellul. Her involvement with this enigmatic man leads her into a universe populated with eccentrics whose strange paranormal beliefs and customs include pagan ceremonies and erotic acts. Melody begins to suspect that is that Michael is not simply a rich and famous student of the occult, but is a thousand-year old sorcerer who has sold his soul to the devil. Michael's terrifying secrets are slowly revealed to her as she is enticed into his eerie and magical world by his uncanny ability to dominate her with his eyes. Soon she questions whether he truly loves her or with the aid of the flamboyant, sexy Morgaine Fabiano, a self-proclaimed witch, has lured her into his world to sacrifice her to an evil demon in an attempt to gain immortality. A fate that would make her the slave of the demon until the end of time. Excerpt Purchase


When Michael Ellul mysteriously disappears, Melody hires Raven Lenore, a tough young former cop, PI and modern witch, to find him. But, what starts out as an ordinary missing persons case soon turns out to be a dangerous game against mysterious demonic forces. During the investigation, Raven and Keith Borgenson (Raven's boy friend and partner) discover that two people committed suicide on the Ellul's estate, Michael Ellul's friend Lance Flebert is in an insane asylum and another friend, Jack Westcott is an alcoholic on the skids. The detectives run into more trouble when Morgaine returns to earth as Claudia Van Best from the Westchester Institute of the Occult, and the detectives are accosted by gunmen who question them about Westcott and Claudia. During a seance a channeled spirit warns of danger from an elemental. In Ellul's abandoned estate in the mountains, Raven finds a decomposed corpse and a computer printout that claims that Doctor Frankenstein was a real person. Claudia locks the detectives in Michael's laboratory, erases the file on the hard disk and absconds with the information. Then the real fun starts. This is a novel of mystery and suspense in the world of the occult. Excerpt Purchase


Denise Fabiano, a five-year-old girl, lives with her mother and her grandfather, Papa Joe, in an ancient farmhouse in the Catskill mountains. Papa Joe is a storyteller who amuses Denise with fabulous tales of fairies, gremlins, sorcerers and pirates. One stormy night Papa Joe tells her the story of Rip Van Winkle. At the end, he says, "When there's thunder and lightning in the mountains with no rain, that means that Henry Hudson and his men are bowling. Fairies and other odd folk also live in these woods. When you see tiny lights blinking on and off in the forest, those are fairies carrying lanterns." One day little Denise goes in the woods alone and meets the little people. They give her a charm to remember them by.

As time goes by, Denise comes to believe that all that stuff about meeting fairies and dwarves was simply her childish imagination. In college, she befriends Raven Lenore and join a Wiccan coven when she becomes interested in witchcraft and magic. She takes the name of Morgaine, after the sorceress of the Arthurian legend, Morgaine le Fay. When she learns that Papa Joe has Alzheimer's, she returns to her former home and learns that what she had attributed to her childish imagination was real. She meets a dwarf who takes her into the land of the fairies, whose queen promises to make her a sorceress. Excerpt Purchase



The entrance to the University of Wizardry is in a painting at an art gallery. She enters the painting and learns magic from the spirits of such notables as Dr. Dee, Michael Scot, Theophilus, Peter of Abano, Nicholas Flannel, Robert Fludd, Count de Gebelin, Papus, Roger Bacon, Faust, Albertus Magnus, Edward Kelley, Parcelsus, Nostradamus, Cagliostro and Aleister Crowley. She learns numerous types of magic, both white and black. At the school, she falls in love with a sorcerer, Michael. But they must part when she returns to the real world. Will they ever meet again? And what consequences would result from of such a meeting, tragedy or happiness? Find out in this novel of love and sorcery. Excerpt Purchase


One evening Michael has a strange dream in which a man in a black suit hands him a pamphlet concerning the End of Days. When he awakes, the pamphlet, which is from a cult known as the Children of Aquarius, lays on the table next to his chair. He begins to suspect that his wife, Melody, is possessed. To find out the truth, he uses his magic crystal to learn that Morgaine has possessed Melody. He also has a vision of the End of Days with Morgaine as the Antichrist.

Michael hires Raven to spy on the Children of Aquarius. She becomes a priestess and learns of a mysterious book called the Book of Seven seals. As each seal is opened, she receives a vision of a future apocalypse, of horrible monsters taking over the earth, of cataclysmic events and of death and disease. Are these true visions? Is the world really coming to the end? Can Melody be saved from the demon witch who possesses her? How can Michael and Raven save the world? And what is the demon witch, Morgaine's, real plan? This novel is loosely based on events described in the Book of Revelations of the Christian Bible. Excerpt Purchase



Tom Bongiglio is a hard working twenty-five year old building contractor, who has been living with his fiancé, Bridget Ryan, for two years in Queens, New York. Bridget is twenty-four, Irish Catholic and devoted to her religion. She believes in astrology and the paranormal and works for Tom. Because Tom's construction business is not doing well, the couple jump at the chance to renovate Michael and Melody's old mansion, Moonwood. After they move into the mansion Tom has a dream about a witch named Morgaine. Because of the dream Bridget visits a fortune teller, who warns her of danger. They arrive at Moonwood the week before Halloween. Before work can start Melody and Michael host a Halloween party. On Halloween night, after midnight Bridget hears strange goings on outside the house. She wakes Tom and they gaze out the window to see their host and the other guests dancing naked in the moonlight. Michael explains that they are Wiccans and that is how they celebrate Halloween. The Elluls and their guests leave Moonwood. Things go downhill from there as the young couple encounter the demon witch Morgaine, murdered corpses, ghosts, the Frankenstein monster, a vampire, various demons and a horrible creature called a homunculus. Excerpt Purchase


Nicholas, a child with strange powers is born to the Bongiglios. As an adult, Nicholas has a plan to rule the world. At the same time Michael is a prisoner of Morgaine. Can Michael's friends rescue him and stop another Armageddon from happening?

A female drifter by the name of Mandy Blake stumbles upon Moonwood, which has been abandoned by Melody. She meets Victor Legion, Sylvan Macrome, Isaac the robot, and various ghosts and demons that haunt the old place. She also falls victim to the crystal. A ghost warns Mandy about her coming meeting with Nicholas.

At the Freedom Party national convention, Nicholas Bongiglio, son of Tom and Bridget, is nominated as their candidate for president of the United States. He is supported by the Children of Aquarius cult. Morgaine appears to Nicholas and tells him that to win the presidency, he must visit Moonwood. There he falls in love with Mandy and hires Victor Legion. Nicholas is elected president and creates artificial men to conquer the earth.

Morgaine has made Michael her slave. Raven, Westcott, Flebert, Deju and Longfeathers meet to discuss how to save Michael from Morgaine's clutches. Each pursues the effort in his or her own way. All except Raven become lost in the Catacombs of Death and imprisoned by demons. Excerpt Purchase


Morgaine has a chance to finally become the beloved mate of Michael, the man she has loved through centuries, only to be separated by demons, scheming witches, and his love for another woman. First she must take the form of a cat, then help a young occultist, Craig, acquire the Necronomicon, while protecting him from the blood lust of the vampiress who has it. Then she must deal with an otherworldly monster with a thirst for human souls, while resurrecting a woman long-dead. And if she can jump through several more difficult magical hoops, Morgaine may at long last get her wish to finally be united with Michael and gain his love. From Povidence, Rhode Island to the occult estate of Moonwood to Tunguska, Siberia to the blazing pits of Hell - here is the most thrilling book yet in a series that has become a modern classic. Excerpt Purchase


Asmodeus' war with Lillith for the fate of the Earth heats up. Asmodeus is the favorite and is already planning how he will destroy the world and all of humanity with it. But Morgaine has discovered a prophecy: "If human beings can sove ten ancient mysteries the Earth will be saved. If they fail, Asmodeus will prevail." The only ones with the power to unravel these age-old puzzles are herself, Michael, and the other members of  The Alchemists and Sorcerers' Guild. Asmodeus has a plan to prevent them from succeeding and assigns his ten most powerful demonic servants to keeping each of the mysteries secret. But Morgaine has conceived the most daring plot ever. She will steal Asmodeus power. But if he regains it. She will be blasted out of existence in this universe and all others.

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