Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator

Raven Lenore is both a psychic and a private investigator. An old friend and FBI agent calls on her to help him solve a murder that involves the occult. When the murderer is shot and killed, the case seems to be over. The murder was committed in order to steal an antique bottle which Raven learns contains an evil presence that exerts control over her. It causes her and her boy friend, a stage illusionist, to travel to Maine to a mysterious mansion called Riverlook. The evil forces within Riverlook conspire to cause Raven to travel through a time door to the eighteenth century, where she encounters an evil sorcerer and his mad wife. The sorcerer is so powerful that there seems to be no way for to escape his control over her and return to the twenty-first century. Excerpt Purchase


Raven has been plagued by nightmares ever since Peter Magbertius died. She dreams that she meets him in a dark forest where he implores her to bring him back from the dead. After she wakes up, she asks her familiar, Mephistopheles, how she can rid herself of his presence. The cat's only reply is that "The answer will come soon." Mordecai Wilsey, a mortician, wants her to find a corpse that has been stolen from his mortuary. He has buried an empty coffin and does not want his duplicity or the theft to be known. Nonetheless, he wants the thief or thieves caught. Raven interviews the dead man's relatives with no result. However, when she calls upon the missing corpse's best friend, Peter Morgan, he talks about a vampire named Celia and that he saw the dead man alive and walking about. When Raven sets up a surveillance of the mortuary, she catches Celia VanGrimm drinking blood drained from a corpse. Celia swears that she had nothing to do with stealing the corpse, but that Peter Morgan is one of her blood donors. She tells Raven that she can be contacted at Graceland Cemetery. This is when her real nightmare begins as she encounters walking corpses, her doppleganger, The Beast and her arch nemesis, Peter Magbertius Excerpt Purchase

The president of the United States is replaced by a robot, and his chief advisor is the resurrected dead Nicholas Machiavelli. Raven Lenore must find out who is behind the attempt to take over the United States government and initiate a conquest of the world. The trail leads to a strange mansion in Maine which seems to have rooms that are in other dimensions. In the cellar, she find a laboratory and machine shop where humanoid robots are being constructed and a talking robot head. Soon Raven, the robot head and her two partners, The Beast Henry Bagyar and Annie B, a woman she met in prison, are trapped in other worlds. She discovers that her nemesis, Magbertius is behind the entire plot. But the knowledge does her no good as she becomes trapped in the eighteenth century. Excerpt Purchase

Raven is alone in her apartment reading. Mephistopheles, her cat, is lying across her lap. Suddenly the cat jumps up and hisses. It stares into a dark corner of the room. Raven trembles. She fears that it is Celia VanGrimm, the vampire who takes blood from her on an irregular basis. But she does not feel the usual calling that the vampire gives her. She tries to peer into the darkness and realizes that it is her guardian demon, Morgaine. Morgaine tells her that her master has a mission for Raven and takes her by the hand and leads her to Morgaine's world. It is pitch black, and they are surrounded by the sounds of people crying out in pain, screaming and moaning. And that's just the beginning! Excerpt Purchase

Raven Lenore must use all her wit and street smarts to defeat the powerful, treacherous demon-witch Morgaine. Many of the characters from both series are present, such as Henry Bagyar the beast, Annie B., Michael Ellul the thousand-year-old sorcerer, Lara Borinski (Michael's second wife), Mephistopheles the magic cat, Peter Magbertius (Raven's nemesis), Lenore Raven (Raven's doppleganger), demons, ghosts, vampires and angels, and many others as well as new characters, in heady brew of evil against good, and evil against evil, as demonic cults vie for power. Only Raven can save the world from the horrors from the abyss. Excerpt Purchase


An android that wants a mate, a missing android scientist, a woman mysteriously
appearing naked on a downtown street, a monastery closed, an elixir of youth.
What is the connection among them? This is the mystery that Raven must unravel
while investigating the scientist's disappearance. It is a case that must be
solved to avoid an apocalyptic war that could destroy mankind. Many pitfalls
and dangers are Raven's fate as she navigates a labyrinthine catacomb, travels
to the future and endangers her personal happiness with a new love. Excerpt Purchase




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