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Reawakened in the Far Future. When Joe Hermann, a twenty-first century man, has his body frozen in hopes that in the near future a cure for his cancer will be found, what he thinks will be a short sleep turns into a 3000 year snooze. The new world he wakes into is very different from the one he knew. Mostly wilderness and underpopulated, it is also a world of women only. Men are only a legend and considered devils. At first he thinks he is in a dream come true--the only man in a world of women. But, soon Joe realizes he is a freak, most women are repulsed by the thought of sex with him and consider it a perverted form of beastality. They call him a "bagod," their word for devil. When Joe learns human males are still alive, but not on Earth, he determines to escape and join them. Before him stretches an epic odyssey, one that will take him into slavery, to a satellite of pleasure orbiting Saturn, to the dangerous zone known as the Kuiper Belt, to adventure, peril, strange cultures, and finally to self-discovery. When he realizes he has fallen in love with his mistresses, he discovers that a way he can to return to Earth and their companionship forever. If the bagod is willing to pay the price! EXCERPT PURCHASE



Star Tower is the story of the first manned ship to the stars, why it came into being and what happens to it on this vast journey. John Huck, a bitter veteran of a space war is convicted of disobeying orders, which he did to save his ship and crew. Upon returning to the earth, he discovers that his parents had been killed by Earth's repressive government. Seeking revenge, he joins the underground, is betrayed, arrested and sentenced to die. While he awaits his fate, he is offered a pardon if he will commit himself to a space voyage -- destination unknown. Too late he learns that he has been shanghaied onto a one-way trip to a planet circling another star. But that is just the beginning of Huck's story. The starship captain is an insane meglomaniac, and the star ship has many problems. The density of matter outside the ship has increased, and the navigation computer malfunctions. The ex-prisoners, now designated colonists, are treated as slaves and organize a secret rebellion. The rest of the story tells how John Huck saves the ship from total disaster, but at what price?




Humans Against Feline Aliens in a Galactic War to the Death! Humanity has met its match in the Stygians, carnivores that evolved from feline ancestors, whose society reflects their cat-like ways. Chief among the Stygian warlords is Growlrr, who declares war on the human race as the first step in his plan to rule the entire galaxy. The key to humanity's future is a ragtag group of people, sublimely unaware of their importance, each a pawn of tomorrow, whose actions will determine the outcome of the conflict: the frustrated Prince Ron Bo Kan on a diplomatic mission doomed to failure; Brad Billiard, an intelligent agent whose vices subvert his mission; Lady Slink, Growlrr's mistress, who has psychic powers allow her to send her aura anywhere in the galaxy; Princess Shady Lai, who plots Emperor Mikado, Bulga Khan, High King of the Perseus Cluster, a pompous power mad dictator; Lucia Malachi, seductive android super spy; Mr. White, android master of disguise; and the mysterious android Aristotle. A galactic war fought overtly with vast fleets of star ships, killer nanobots, and world destroying weapons and covertly with espionage, counterespionage and traitorous plots. Pawns of Tomorrow is more than a story, it's also a genuine chess game in the form of a science fiction story. Readers can follow the moves of the game through a summary at the start of each chapter and appendices at the end of the book. EXCERPT PURCHASE




Ten years after the Galactic Chess War. an uneasy peace exists between the Stygians and Olympians. There is trade, but also rivalry. The Stygian warlords are uneasy about the peace, since their honor has been besmirched by their defeat. Emperor Makido is extremely paranoid and trusts no one except his personal security agent, George. His paranoia is justified. There are many plots against him. The manipulative, scheming Empress Lydia whose powers border on sorcery, manipulates Makido into another war with the Stygians and is having a secret love affair with his son, Prince Ron Bo Kan, a hamlet-like character who schemes with the AIs to replace Makido with an AI. Even more sinister forces are at work; the super AI, Aristotle, has decided that it is only logical for the AIs take control of the galaxy, especially when he discovers the existence of the starbuster, which has the potential to destroy the galaxy. He cooks up a plan to replace the flesh rulers with AI. All this leads to galactic war, revolt, convoluted assassination plots, and espionage. Who will save the galactic civilization from falling into chaos? EXCERPT PURCHASE



Here's what William Samples had to say about For Love of Kumiko: "Interesting book about a machine who's artificial intelligence leads it into emotional reactions. The 'Godwin model' was a bit of a disappointment, and its reactions seemed to center on its 'sex-system' programming. I missed the passing of the human Godwin that actually loved Kumiko ... I think there was some osmosis between the human and the android Kumiko.The 'trial' was part of the 'things to come' ... machines are slowly but surely catching up with the human learning curve, but it will take much judgment to keep up with humans or even other primates.Nevertheless a good read ... I enjoyed it!" EXCERPT PURCHASE



Perhaps you've read science-fiction or seen movies such as The Terminator featuring human-like robots. Is the creation of such a creature possible with today's technology? What if a high tech corporation decided to build one? Could it? What would the impact be on our society? What would be the philosophical and political issues associated with the creation of a mechanical intelligence in the form of a human being? The Isaac Project tries to answer these questions. It is the story of the creation of a humanoid robot using artificial intelligence technology available today. It handles the research and development aspect of such a project in a realistic manner with believable characters. The major characters are: GERI CHRANOWSKI, a strong-willed robotics expert and ambitious woman whose drive to climb the corporate ladder makes enemies of her underlings and ruins her love life. JACK WESTCOTT, a scientist, whose passionate pacifism and his fight to keep his young mistress endanger the project. FREDERICK WOLFGANG, a petty tyrant and bigot whose software expertise is essential to the project completion, causes a major disaster because of his egoism and prejudices. EXCERPT PURCHASE




Hard-boiled private eye, Tony Vink considers himself the toughest of the tough. But his experiences with the underworld and the seamy side of life have hardly prepared him for what happens when he takes on a seemingly routine missing person's case. What he doesn't count on is falling in love in with his employer, the curvaceous Paula, and - Time Travel. Soon the two are involved in a trans-temporal odyssey that leads through passionate lovemaking and dangerous encounters to a denouement neither could ever have guessed! EXCERPT PURCHASE






The Spakerusms have taken over Earth and rule it through their android slaves. They believe that their rule is benevolent and only wish is to prepare mankind to join a galactic union of sapient races. The rest of the story relates how three men fair under this "benevolent" rule. The first is Professor Courley, history professor, who is somewhat eccentric and a bit of a recluse. One day he is ordered to report to the Anomalies Department of the Bureau of Social Engineering and is told that he must become more social. George Majoraski joins a group of insurgents to fight against the Spakerusm's rule. During the day he appears to be an ordinary citizen. At night he and his terrorist group sabotage and destroy, sometimes having to murder human beings as well as the android lackeys of the aliens. Jacob Martarono is an agitator who convinces androids that by doing its job at the factory it is causing human beings to be harmed. After Martarono is thrown into a cell, he is rescued by the android. The android has convinced its fellow androids that the Spakerusms are doing harm not good. But what can one android and three misfits hope do to tilt the balance against all-powerful aliens? EXCERPT PURCHASE




Romance, Alien Space Staions, White Holes, Interstellar Smugglers - and More - Highlight this Enthralling Short Novel. Sally and Rog are sometime lovers, but to the universe at large they are just "space bums," who ply the galaxy starways dealing in stolen antiquities, looting derelicts, and smuggling illegal goods. Though they remain friends and partners, the truth is that Rog is still in love with Sally, but Sally only loves her starship, Sally's Fantasy. But things begin to change when they hear of a mysterious white hole that ends near a mysterious alien object. At the other end, Sally and Rog find themselves thousands of light years outside the galaxy. The only object in view is a space station of unknown design, millions of years old, that may hold untold treasures - or sudden death. What happens there will change their lives and rekindle the passionate love for each other they had long thought could never be ignited again. If they somehow manage to escape with their lives. EXCERPT PURCHASE






On Moon Four of Epsilon Eradani One a humanoid robot servant is arrested for the murder of its mistress, Gabrielle Marilonzo. Duke Wilberstone, ace insurance investigator, is assigned the case since Gabrielle's husband, Rick, is bringing a lawsuit against the robot manufacturer insured by Duke's employer. The manufacturing people insist that it is impossible for a humanoid robot to harm a human being. Duke must solve this mystery before his employer loses millions and the entire humanoid industry is placed in jeopardy. EXCERPT PURCHASE





At the end of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the monster is seen floating away on
an ice flow. The assumption is that it froze to death on the artic ice cap. But what if it had survived? That is the premise of my novella The Further Adventures of the Frankenstein Monster. It tells the story of how it was rescued by Siberian natives, its loves, travels and adventures throughout the centuries, as a reindeer herdsman, a dock worker, an alchemist's assistant, a monk, a carpenter and an advisor to an evil politician. It fought vampires and other occult creatures and tried to conquer the world with the aid of Dracula and a race of giant artificial humans. EXCERPT


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