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They called themselves Spakerusms, which in their language meant "the peace makers." They came from a planet in the Rho Coronae Borealis system, almost fifty-seven light-years distance from the solar system. The Spakerusms' name for their planet was Bunghashka, which translates as "world."

They were an old race. They claimed that they had been civilized for millions of years,. Certainly their technology was far beyond anything any earth nation had. For one thing, they had developed a method to beat Einstein's speed limit. Their starships could travel faster than the speed of light in a manner that the Spakerusms kept secret from earthlings. The ships were so enormous, as large as two miles in diameter, that they appeared in the sky as small moons when they were in an orbit ten miles above the earth.

Some of their other technological advances were android slaves that were as intelligent as human beings, supercomputers so powerful that earth's seemed like toys in comparison, and powerful laser and proton weapons.

In appearance they were almost human. The exceptions were two little horns on their heads, their thick spiked tails, their complete hairless bodies and their scarlet complexions. When they first showed themselves by broadcasting on TV and the Internet, late night comedians made jokes about them, comparing them to devils. Some religious groups claimed that was exactly what they were, demons from hell.

Actually, they had been visiting earth on and off for thousands of years. When their scouting ships had been seen, they had been described as angels, devils, gods, flying saucers, UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and other things. It was also true that from time to time they had kidnapped humans and brought them to their ships in order to learn earth languages and other facts about earthlings.

Their contacts during the exploration period were low key. During that time their anthropologists had learned the languages, culture, customs, religion and psychology of earth's peoples. They had witnessed the earth's wars, crimes of brutality, intolerance and hate against each other and were appalled. Nonetheless, they did not interfere until the earthlings had the means to and probably would sooner or later destroy their own world.

* * *

One day in mid-July their enormous starships appeared about a mile above Earth's twenty largest cities, the world capitals of the most influential nations, Mars City, Moon City and the mining communities of the Kuiper belt. They broadcast the following message over all TV networks, cable channels, radio stations, and the Internet, all of which they somehow were able to seize electronically for this purpose. To each nation's inhabitants the message was automatically translated to their native language.

"Greetings to the inhabitants of the planet that you humans call Earth from we Spakerusms. We come in peace. In truth in our language 'Spakerusms' means 'the peace makers.' In the near future we wish to communicate with the leaders of the many nations that make up your various political divisions. For this purpose, we ask that all leaders of the nations of your world congregate in the United Nations building in the city known as New York one month from today at one P.M. eastern time. At that hour our representatives will speak and make various proposals that shall be of mutual benefit to both of our races."

And that was all there was to the message. No further communication came from the aliens. Efforts to communicate with them were futile. Their enormous starships remained in place, casting ominous shadows over the cities.

Newspaper front pages in print and electronically screamed, "Aliens from outer space to meet with world leaders." This and similar headlines appeared in the largest font possible. The news articles accompanying the headlines described in great detail the starships, the aliens themselves and their message. Columnists and editorials commented on what it all meant, what a great mystery it was and how world leaders should handle the situation. The twenty-four hour media and the Internet buzzed with commentary, rumors and speculation.

At precisely twelve thirty a month later, a small saucer shaped flyer landed in United Nations Plaza. The ship came down silently with no vapor trail or any other indication of how it was propelled. Crowds of the curious, reporters, media men and government officials waited for it to land. A large contingent of New York's finest, backed up by a company of the National Guard, kept the enormous mass of onlookers behind a police barrier.

After the ship landed in United Nations Plaza, the president of the United States, the Secretary General of the United Nations, the governor of New York State, the mayor of New York City and their aides and security people waited near the ship for the Spakerusms to disembark. It was agreed that Secretary General, representing the entire planet, would be the first to greet the visitors for outer space.

Everyone held their collective breath as an exit door appeared on the side of the ship followed by a ramp. Three Spakerusms and what appeared to be a human slowly sauntered down. The humanoid was the first to reach the contingent of political people. He said, "My name is Joe. I am the Spakerusms' translator especially built for this occasion. I am a humanoid robot in the form of a human for your comfort level. All communication with my masters will be through me. Allow me to introduce them."

As one-by-one the Spakerusms came forward, Joe introduced them. The first was the tallest and huskiest alien. His broad tail sticking through his colorful robe swished back and forth, like a puppy who wants attention. "This is Shi'lie. He is the leader of the Spakerusm diplomatic mission to the planet Earth." After being introduced Shi'li bowed to the Secretary General and put out its claw like hand. It hissed and croaked and mumbled something unintelligible. Joe said, "Shi'lie says 'Greetings. I am pleased to meet you. What is your name and rank, please?"

The Secretary General told him his name and said, "I am the Secretary General of the United Nations, an organization whose purpose is to prevent war, ensure fundamental human rights, the dignity and worth of all human person, ensure the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life and freedom for all."

Joe translated in hisses and grunts. Shi'lie nodded and spoke again. Joe said, "Shi'lie says, 'Worthy goals. It is too bad that your organization has so far not been very successful.'"

Before the Secretary General could reply to this criticism, Shi'lie had moved on to shake hands with President Jack Jackson. Jackson noted that the alien's skin was scaly and smooth like a serpent's, definitely reptilian to the touch. Also, when it spoke, he could tell that its tongue was thin and forked. "Welcome to the United States, I'm President John Jackson, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world."

Shi'lie spoke. Joe translated, "Shi'lie says, 'I am happy to meet you, President Jackson. It is too bad that you do not wield that power towards more peaceful ends.'"

The alien moved on to the governor of New York. His remarks to the governor and the mayor of New York City were less caustic.

The other aliens were introduced as Sissis and Pho'sho. "Sissis is our communicator. Sissis will be the spokesperson for the mission. Pho'sho is our technical advisor. He is an expert in the customs, mores and psychology of you humans." These two did not say much other than offering a formal greeting.

All during the greeting ceremonies, a military band played "Hymn to the United Nations" and the themes from "Star Wars" and "2001, A Space Odyssey."

The entire group of politicians, their retinues, the aliens and the translator sauntered over to the General Assembly building.

Within the hour the delegates of every nation was seated in their respective seats, and the meeting was called to order by the Secretary General. The meeting was broadcast on every media channel and several web sites on the Internet. The whole world was watching. Everyone wondered what the aliens would have to say.

After a few preliminaries, the Secretary General introduced the Spakerusms and their translator. Joe came to the speaker's platform first. "Greetings, people of earth." He explained who he was and his function. "Sissis is the communicator for our mission." He pointed to the alien. "I will translate his words into English since it seems to be the most prevalent language on your world and allow your own translators to translate into other languages. I now give you over to Sissis, our beloved communicator."

Joe moved to one side, but near enough to speak into the microphone. Sissis came to the podium and began to speak in its native hisses, croaks and grunts. Joe translated as he spoke.

"It is with great pleasure that I speak before this assembly and to all earth people within the reach of my voice. We Spakerusms are an old race and have many thousands of years of experience over you people of earth. As a result, we have many things that we wish to share with you such as technology so advanced from yours that it may sometimes appear magical. Most of all, however, is that we wish to share our wisdom as regards to the means of achieving a society without war and one that is just and fair to all persons. In other words, the very goals of this fine organization."

At this point there was a sprinkling of applause by the delegates and observers.

"The time is ripe to bring peace and prosperity to your planet and your colonies throughout the solar system. And to ensure the well-being and happiness of every human being. What must be done to achieve this desired end is to form a world government based on the principles of democracy, peace, justice and freedom for all and an end to poverty and slavery."

There was a few grunts and chuckles from the audience at this ridiculous suggestion. Sissis ignored the reaction and continued.

"We Spakerusms will aid in this effort by providing leadership, guidance, support and military might. In addition, we can provide experts in many fields to aid in implementing this new order. Once the earth had become peaceful and enlightened, perhaps in a couple of hundred years, your planet will be allowed to join the galactic union of which we Spakerusms also belong At that point we would leave the governing of this planet entirely in your own hands."

At that point the delegate from the United States pressed the button that lit a lamp that indicated that she had something to say.

Joe whispered something in Sissis's ear. Sissis replied. Joe said, "Sissis yields the floor to the delegate from the United States of America. Please speak, Mrs. Jones."

Jones cleared her throat. "If I understand you correctly, Communicator Sissis, you are saying that the nations of earth should give up their sovereignty and yield all control to a world government that you Spakerusms would set up. Am I correct?"

"Exactly. Of course, your own freely elected officials would be in charge provided they followed the guidelines and rules that we will set up."

"In other words, the final decision on matters, in those cases where the elected representatives of earth people and yourselves would be in conflict, would rest in your hands."

"That is correct."

The assembly went into an uproar at that point. Many of the delegates simply started to laugh at such an absurd suggestion. Others cried out in protest and anger.

The Secretary General came to the podium and pounded with the gavel. "Order, order, please. If anyone has a question or wishes to speak, please light your signal."

Lights went on practically every delegates console. Mrs. Jones said, "May I continue addressing the Communicator."

"Yes. You still have the floor."

"What you are proposing is the complete surrender of the human race to you Spakerusms for at least a hundred years. Perhaps you are as good as your word and would bring peace, prosperity and justice to our world. Nonetheless, I believe I speak for most of the delegates here and also our nations' leaders and people. We reject any such proposal out of hand. We humans will solve our problems."

After Joe translated what Jones had said, Sissis called over Mho'sho, the technical advisor. The two Spakerusms conferred for a couple of minutes. They called over the leader, Shi'lie. The two other Spakerusms returned to their seats. Shi'lie spoke and Joe translated into English.

Shi'lie said, "I'm afraid that if you refuse our advise to form your own world government, we must do it for you. We will give you two months to comply. If you do not comply, from that day forward the planet will be placed under Spakerusm military control. Our war leader, Jaamakko, will issue a series of orders which you earthlings must obey. Any nation that does not comply will regret its decision."

The Russian delegate roared in Russian. "That is a declaration of war on the people of earth. What you are saying is that we must surrender to you or you will wage war upon us. That is unacceptable. We would fight until every man, woman and child was dead before we would give up our sovereignty to you."

Joe, who understood every earth language, translated. Shi'lie scowled. Meanwhile, the deputies and some of the audience yelled their agreement with the Russian delegate. They began to boo and hiss and swear at the Spakerusms.

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